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AZ059- Cinematic Minimalist 3

AZ059- Cinematic Minimalist 3: A beautiful, soaring cinematic soundscape creates maximum emotional impact with a haunting mix of piano, heavy hits and expressive strings with electronic influences. Tracks range from melancholic and eerie to inspiring and dramatic.

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We are caught up in the CrossFit extreme fitness movement.  When our sports passion combines with our ability to make dramatic, tense music, you can hear the results for yourself.  Check out the track “Colossus” from AZ051- Drumhead 2 on the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.

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Labor Day

The beautiful and haunting track “What Was Lost” from Cinematic Minimalist by Amphibious Zoo Music starts at 0:43 in this new trailer for Jason Reitman’s new film, Labor Day.

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