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Check out this trailer for Spotlight Movie featuring “Collosus” from AZ051 Terminal Trailer Collection- Drumhead 2 and “Digital Meltdown” from AZ46 Cinematic Minimalist 2 from Amphibious Zoo Music

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AZ059- Cinematic Minimalist 3

AZ059- Cinematic Minimalist 3: A beautiful, soaring cinematic soundscape creates maximum emotional impact with a haunting mix of piano, heavy hits and expressive strings with electronic influences. Tracks range from melancholic and eerie to inspiring and dramatic.

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Emerging Darkness

AZ043- Emerging Darkness

This ultimate conspiracy thriller with plenty of tense action will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.  Dark, ominous textures meet hard driving guitars and orchestral touches for a hair raising experience sure to have you wondering what lurks around the next corner.

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