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Have you listened to Amphibious Zoo Music‘s latest EP? AZ070 Retro Electro featured fun old-school beats and a funky retro flavor fused with party rockin’ electro pop. Listen and download here- http://hrvst.co/bnqv4

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Poisonous Love

Love is not always as it seems and sometimes it’s downright dangerous. Check out our video- “Poisonous Love” featuring the following Amphibious Zoo Tracks from the album Big Beats 4 – Electric Smile: “The Grit” “I Think I’m Ready” “The Shiz” “Next To You”

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Big Beats 3

AZ040- Big Beats 3- Electric! Electric

Our trademark mix of party rockin’ dance beats fused with rock, reggae, electronic, funk and pop is back.  Each track is packed with an extra dose of progressive electricity, creating a high-energy collection.  These high energy songs are the perfect solution for any project needing an extra kick or an up tempo, lively, joyful beat.

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