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Ba Ba Ba

We have been walking around the office singing Ba ba ba.  Even our frog can’t help but pick up the tune.  Check out “Sweet Avalon” by Scott Reinwand on Indie Anthems.  A feelgood, sunshine indie summer night carries you away with dreamy guitars and a happy, giddy, upbeat, wordless vocal chorus. Ba ba ba ba […]

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Poisonous Love

Love is not always as it seems and sometimes it’s downright dangerous. Check out our video- “Poisonous Love” featuring the following Amphibious Zoo Tracks from the album Big Beats 4 – Electric Smile: “The Grit” “I Think I’m Ready” “The Shiz” “Next To You”

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Guitar Sessions for Louisiana Slide

Ever wonder what you should do with a cigar box once it is empty? How about make music? Check out this video of Lyndsey Williams playing a cigar box guitar. Heavy, brooding country blues with primitive cigar box guitar and swampy percussion. An earthy, haunting combination of country twang and acoustica with the dark mysterious […]

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