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Audio Monkey Team- Matt Cropper

As a composer, producer, and engineer, Matt has logged well over 20,000 hours in professional recording studios, adding his musical fingerprints to a veritable smorgasbord of creative projects over the past 15 years. The blood, sweat, and tears (mostly of joy) involved in becoming intimately acquainted with all phases of high quality music production over […]

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Audio Monkey Team- Dan Carlisle

Audio Monkey Production Music was created by studio owner/audio engineer Dan Carlisle (Soularium Recording Studios) and producer/composer Matt Cropper. Although logistically Dan and Matt may be the masterminds behind the corporate organization of the company, they are adamant about making sure people know that they are only a small part of the creative force behind […]

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Check out this trailer for Spotlight Movie featuring “Collosus” from AZ051 Terminal Trailer Collection- Drumhead 2 and “Digital Meltdown” from AZ46 Cinematic Minimalist 2 from Amphibious Zoo Music

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