Archive | September, 2009

AZ025- Terminal Trailer Collection – Action 1 Act Three – Endings

Action 1 Act Three Endings is the epitomy of action music. These endings contain the heart stopping climaxes of our action cues. Become enveloped in a crescendo of sound as resolute battles, perilous escapes, exaggerated chases, and shrieking ascents create a frenzy. Tension and suspense rule creating a unique theatrical experience. Use these endings alone […]

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AZ024- Terminal Trailer Collection- Action 1 Act Two – Middles

Action 1 Act Two Middles illustrates Amphibious Zoo’s commitment to cinematic flair and top of the line sound production with a thundering wave of sound. These middles are filled with a suspense and intrigue that creates a driving force. There are cues appropriate for every action situation including: retro spy, colossal epic, adventurous exploit, or […]

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